Dark Blue Caterham/V8 - John H. (Wisconsin)
Alu/Yellow Birkin - Steve (Wisconsin)
White Caterham - Graeme (Illinois)
Light Blue Caterham - Cherik (Wisconsin)
Yellow Stalker/LS3-V8 - John M. (Illinois)

I'm not a number, I'm a free man.....Patrick McGoohan and Graham Nearn - #7 to #6
Patrick & Graham establishing 6's and 7's

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It happened!
100,001 miles in a Se7en  - 1999-2016

..and everything is still working

I do think I need some more power...

Black Hawk Farms 2016

Passenger sub-marined... but ok :-)

Lotus trackday, Black Hawk Farms, Illinois May 16 2011
Delafield March 2012

Lake Geneva, Summer 2008 -
A collective of 1200+ BHP.... two V8's in the center)
Seven's  50th Anniversary
7-7-7  North Carolina
Kenosha, Summer 2008

Road America, Fall 2005

Road America, Fall 2005

Road America, Fall 2005

Hummers maybe bigger, but I'm faster
anemic  80Hp/Tonne    vs    350Hp/Tonne

Black Hawk Farms
May 2003

Elhart Lake Wisconsin July 2003


Aug/1999 Wisconsin

Black Hawk Farms
May 2003

Aug/1999 Wisconsin


Turn 5 - Road America  Sept/'99

Black Hawk Farms
May 2003

John, Adric and Anna at Siebkins
John, Adric & Anna at Siebkins Elkhart Lake '99

40F, heater and hats on

Lake Geneva
August 2002

Cabin fever ? (a Wisconsin thing) or Spring fever..


Wisconsin backroads 6/01
..rained out track day,
July 3rd '04...
Steve's Cobra and 21222 at Rd America VSCDA fall 2001

Wisconsin backroads are ideal for Sevening

...and Steve's Cobra (he's got too many cars :-)

Forward (standard) location
improves engine access

Engine bays
2" Rearward Installation
improves (reduces) polar momentum

Cherik's Focus engineGraeme's Mondeo engine
John's Contour engineSteve's Contour engine

Zetec's using forward (Crossflow) location
in Graeme's car (right) and mine (left)
 See - XF to Zetec conversion
Left John's Caterham , right Steve's Birkin