Build process pictorial
'99 Caterham, deDion / Wide Track / 2.0 ltr Zetec

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Chassis Assembly ,

Initial construction with the Ford Crossflow,
later upgraded to Ford Zetec


Feb 12-13 / 1999
Chassis and front suspension.
Garage is well below freezing, but
who cares, I'm building a Seven.

PS: in my excitement, I forgot to start taking pictures of the boxes, the delivery truck and the bare tub, so this was the 1st proper picture taken.

Ready to roll March 20 / 1999

Presorting the fasteners helps to avoid having to re-assemble :-)
Using the Assembly manual +
Tony Wheale's book helps!
Front (Wide Track) suspension.
Note 19mm Front ARB.

Pre-assembled deDion tube with A frame and Z arms in the warm kitchen
(Wife's out shopping - does not know)

Left hub/disc mounted.
Right side is left off to allow sliding all this into the chassis, reducing the risk of frost bite due to exposure in the garage.  

Assembly in place.
Note the ARB droplink is in the wrong place, but I don't know this yet.

Suspension setting using the upper
 Z-arm mount. I'll try the lower setting later, to compare the difference

Cutting of the diff. ear. 5min with some cutting oil and a hacksaw

Diff in place.
Fuel line in the foreground

Rear anti rollbar (ARB) interference
  Relieved top rib on the differential to clear. I wrapped some fuel line (not shown) over the ARB, to avoid rattling

Drop link for the ARB will interfere with the body when the suspension is loaded in lefthand corners

This is the correct way to mount these. Using the 3rd vs 4th hole and link is moved to the outside

Adric connects the parking brake lines.
A bit fiddly from the top.

Loading engine / transmission
for the 1st time. (this will become fairly routine :-)
Solo works, but a helper to guide the gearbox onto the propshaft and clear of the side panels is very good to have