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Deal's Gap
Tail of the Dragon
July 7, 2007

Tail of the Dragon:
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Anyone who attended this event,
will agree that not enough credit
can be given to the USA7.org team
who organized a once-in-a-lifetime

event, to celebrate Se7en's 50th,
July 2007, appropiately at the
legendary, Rt 28 and Rt 129,
"The Tail of the Dragon"

Collectively 61 owners celebrated
it's uniqueness, the enthousiasm
of builders, drivers and
fearless passengers of the se7en.

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This is rather unique
Legendary Hellbender Pitstop
The gas does smell different here

..the infamous "Tree-of-Shame"
6AM at Rt28/129 - "mystical Se7en run"
Early morning Rt129 Lookout

6AM run - Rt129 Lookout
no starter, no problem, there's plenty help
6AM run - Rt129 Lookout

6AM run - Rt129 Smokey Mountains Scenery 6AM run - Rt129 Lookout
Tapoco Lodge

Tapoco Lodge
Tapoco Lodge Tapoco Lodge

Preston from 'Automobile mag' gets a ride
Rt 129 Lookout gathering
Rt 129 road side stop

"non parade" Rt129 Lookout

"non-parade" at Rt129 lookout
Mr. Wilson's Series 1. He stopped by to help with Fred's car at a Rt129 lookout. A brief
video clip as he drives off to the Tapoco Lodge
See his car up front in the next frame

Gathering at Fontana Village
for group shot
Gathering for the group photo is in progress. 7's and their owners are not easy to "direct"... it'll take several takes to get almost everyone! .. and another one..
The final result is at the top-right of this page

...very tasty as well...
Rt 28 l to r :  Jeff's, Greame's and my car at Fontana Village

The trip from Wisconsin & Illinois to and fro 7-7-7

6AM - Franfort KY, Friday July 6th
  automated sprinklers washing our cars ...oops.
John Mott's '95 C'ham up front, Fred's S2
on  the trailer in the background
the mid-West Caravan.. 
Jeff, Graeme, John M., myself

On Sunday morning 6AM July 8th, we did not realize how hot things were going to get.
By the time we hit state route 65 in Southern Indiana, we were driving our
open top roadsters in >100F weather.  That's really very warm for Midwesterners, who
consider anything >60F warm, and over 80F as genuinely hot.

Although the return trip may have been taxing, it was a great ride nonetheless.
We got the usual camera's-hanging-from-the-windows, smiles and horn honking.

One for the record books. 1700miles this weekend and all the cars ran flawless!

July 8th Sunday 8AM, Knoxville.. some breakfast before finishing the trip home.