Video Production Services

On-Location Video Recording

Video recording involves at least one camera. In two-camera recording, a second camera is used to capture all or parts of the action from another angle, and the two cameras' footage is edited together, cutting back and forth between the two cameras while using their common sound source. Depending on the venue and event (on-location recording) one camera might be adequate for the project, and it should be noted that editing two-camera footage takes considerably more studio time because of the need to synchronize the sound and video of the two angles and carefully choose the timing of cuts between the two so that the video seems natural and continuous. We will discuss with you which method will be best for your project and budget.
$30 per hour for video setup and recording.

In-Studio Video Recording

Our studio has a black curtain background that can be used for in-studio recording, which is usually adequate for simple audition or contest entry videos (spoken word, instrumental/vocal music). We also have colored lights from our deejay equipment that can be used to enhance the visual effect. Usually, one camera is adequate for an in-studio video recording.
$30 per hour for in-studio video recording.

Video Editing

Because of the considerable amount of time needed to make video edits to a long or complex video (wedding, concert, music video, etc), it is suggested that rather than sit with the engineer through the lengthy rough editing process, the client may opt to instead 1) discuss the general desired finished product with the engineer, 2) the engineer will use these guidelines to independently make the required edits according to those expectations and the client's budget constraints, 3) the client will review the "working version" of the video and 4) then sit with the engineer through the process of making final edits to the video and sound tracks. We use powerful video editing software Cyberlink PowerDirector, which provides many options for special effects, titles and creative transitions.
$30 per hour for rough editing and final video editing.

Video Transfer and Editing

We occasionally receive requests for video "transfer" from old VHS tapes to DVD. Because of the time-intensive nature of video transfer, we refer customers seeking this service to businesses that specialize in video transfer - unless it is 1) a small transfer project and/or 2) one that requires special editing (including the addition of titles, captions, transitions, menu animations, etc.) that would be appropriate for a special gift or a family keepsake.
$30 per hour for video transfer and/or editing.

Music and Voice Recording

The client sometimes will need and want additional music and voice-over tracks for a video project. This is usually the case with instructional, documentary and music videos of the client's own song(s). If the client is recording music or voice tracks to go with his or her video, the regular audio recording cost applies. See audio services and rates page. 

Miscellaneous Video Services

There is a nominal charge for the time necessary to upload the final video to YouTube, DropBox, or any other online cloud storage service, depending on the data size of the video. It is recommended, instead, that the client provide a good quality, high capacity USB memory stick for storage of an archival copy of the finished video - unless, of course, the DVD disc(s) alone will be adequate.