Inside the Recording Studio...

Whether you have never been in a recording studio or have recorded many times before, you probably will never enjoy the experience of recording the way you will here.

Our objective is to bring affordable, professional recording services to the public the way Henry Ford brought the automobile to within everyone's reach. Home recording is becoming more and more commonplace as computer recording systems are more commercially available, but the experienced sound technicians are usually found at the expensive, bigger recording studios.

Here at 33 1/3 STREET SOUND & VIDEO, our mission for over 18 years now has been to make trusted, professional sound and video production services available at an affordable cost to everyone from big-name clients to a music hobbyist wanting to record a few original songs for his great-grandkids to enjoy someday.
Nothing makes us happier than to help bring someone's dream to reality, which is why the sky and clouds are in the background of our studio's logo.

This 6-minute video, produced by students at Fowler High School for an advanced computers class assignment, very nicely summarizes our small recording studio's operations - audio and video production - using a standard documentary interview format.

Our Advantages


Professional Quality
We are a small studio, but we have the essential high-tech equipment and expertise to provide a professional product.


Relaxed Atmosphere
Some of our clients have told us horror stories about how they had gone to a "big-box" studio and been treated with impatience, disrespect, or indifference.

Apparently, many of the larger studios and their engineers do not treat their smaller clients with the same respect that they do the big-name musicians and big businesses.

As a smaller studio, our explicit mission is to make our hobbyist and semi-professional clients feel as important and as respected as our higher profile clients. Our goal is to make every one of our customers feel that their talents and projects are respected, and that they are given the same excellent service that we would give to any other client.


We are very cost-conscious. We do not do a lot of expensive advertising, but we instead rely on this web site and by referrals from satisfied customers to promote the studio.

We do not stock the studio with expensive, extravagant equipment that looks impressive in the studio rack but is of little use to the majority of our clients. Instead, we carefully consider each equipment upgrade for its usefulness to our customers.

But we are not merely concerned about our own costs. Our client's budget is of equal importance to us. We typically will adjust down the client's charged session time based on whether we and the client were making meaningful progress.

What We Do

  • Audio Recording
  • Audio Editing & Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Studio Videography
  • Location Videography
  • Audio & Video Production
  • Small to Medium Venue Sound Production
  • Radio & Television Ad Production
  • Jingle Composition


    TOP 40

  • Sarah Heckman
  • DeNay Mershman
  • Loretta Lawler
  • Melissa Bell
  • Jenny Poff
  • Tony Fedewa
  • Caitlin McGehee
  • Amber Mandalari
  • Mary Jewell
  • Janelle Sleeseman
  • Brian Spencer
  • You're So Grounded


  • Eddie Ruiz
  • The Rodriguez Brothers
  • Steven Yaich
  • Phil Wrzesinski
  • Freewill
  • Yolanda Manuszak
  • As We Fall
  • Derek Rishel
  • Luke Cyrus
  • Steven Hale
  • Vicki Nix
  • Yoder Sisters
  • Donah Hyland
  • Circle of Friends (from Adel, Iowa)
  • Larry Howland
  • Jean Fangboner
  • Rachael Short
  • Megan Price
  • Dan Martin
  • Jeremy Duley
  • Dan Miller
  • Dorinda Grant (
  • Chuck Biewer (mp3)


  • Dawn Artman
  • Jenny Poff
  • Bullwhip
  • Louie Longoria (mp3)

  • FOLK

  • Mike Schuette
  • Brian Spencer
  • Ann Rajala
  • Al Doering (mp3)
  • Cindy McElroy (mp3)
  • Jarrett Cogswell


  • Debbie Blade
  • Nick Page (mp3)
  • Trish Hubbard (mp3)
  • Beth Webb
  • St. Johns High School Theater Pit Orchestra

  • PUNK

  • The Submarines
  • JinXxed
  • Allergy 7
  • If You Must
  • Adam Versola
  • Daily Disruption


  • Zach Phillips
  • Kardi