Privacy Policy

33 1/3 STREET SOUND does not sell or otherwise share any information about our clients, other than to routinely promote their project work in a complimentary manner on our web site and/or Facebook page. Any client's wishes to NOT be publicized will absolutely be honored.

Clients' projects are preserved indefinitely - in their original Cakewalk Sonar multitrack format - on a secure hard disk archive at the studio for our clients' possible future requests to remix, remaster, or otherwise edit their project. This is done ONLY for the convenience of the clients, and for no other reason. Any client's request that their multitrack files be discarded following their session(s) will be honored.

Upon our clients' request, their projects can be given to them - in original Cakewalk Sonar multitrack format - for their own archives, as long as the client provides us with a large enough storage medium (USB memory, external hard drive, etc.) for its storage.

Clients are routinely provided with a receipt for their studio session payments.

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