Gift Certificates


Gift Certificate

On any special occasion, why not consider giving your talented musician friend or family member a real RECORDING STUDIO SESSION! It’s easy to arrange... and we do not require advance payment for it, either.

How It Works

Here’s all you need to do:
1) Just let us know that you’d like to give a gift certificate to someone… and 2) we’ll send it to you.
The beauty of giving this gift certificate is that no prepayment is necessary.

That’s all there is to it! The gift certificate can be personalized to your recipient from you for however many hours you’d like to give them.

Please send us an email no fewer than two weeks before the expected use of the gift certificate to request one. In your email, please be sure to give us the following information:
1) Tell us that you're requesting a gift certificate.
2) Tell us the name of the recipient.
3) Tell us how many hours it should made out for.
4) Tell us if you'd like for us to send it to you via email (you print it out) or by USPS mail.
5) Provide a phone number where we can reach you.

Using a Gift Certificate

After receiving the gift certificate:
1) Your recipient can schedule their studio session with us anytime, preferably within one calendar year, and 2) We will contact you to let you know that your recipient has scheduled a session.

You will not have to actually purchase the session until the week prior to your recipient’s scheduled session date. If your recipient decides at any time to not record… no problem! Just let us know, and we’ll simply cancel the gift certificate. It’s that easy!

We’ve recorded most styles of music here - either performed by bands or by soloists who bring karaoke recordings and add their own vocals. We will gladly arrange any recording project your recipient chooses.