Audio Production Services

Music Composition

Custom music can be composed, arranged and produced using our robust MIDI orchestration software (Cakewalk Sonar). I prefer to work with the client sitting beside me, evaluating the content of the composition as we go along.
$30 per hour for music composition.

Sound Design

Sound design is the process of adding miscellaneous sounds to an audio recording or video soundtrack. For most projects, this is a minor part of the editing and mixing procedure and included as part of the editing process, but for extensive filmmaking, sound design is a significant task. I can acquire miscellaneous sounds for your project, big or small, from our library of thousands of samples.
$30 per hour for sound design services.

On-Location Recording

We occasionally are asked to do off-site recording. For that, we use a Fostex D-90 portable high capacity hard-disk multitrack recorder, from which we transfer the tracks to the studio computer for mixing.
$30 per hour for on-location recording.

Mixing & Mastering

After recording the multi-tracks in the studio, these tracks are then "mixed down" using our robust MIDI orchestration software (Cakewalk Sonar). This is the process of adjusting track volumes, adding equalization, compression, reverb and other effects (as desired) to get the blended sound as the clients wants it. I prefer to work with the client sitting beside me during the mixing process, evaluating the content of the composition as we go along. After obtaining a satisfactory mix, the multitracks are then output to a single stereo file, of which the overall compression and volume intensity is evaluated and mastered to match those of the other songs on the album.
$30 per hour for mixing and mastering.

Voice-Over Recording

We have done several voice recordings for clients, most notably instructional recordings, video narrations and animation character voices.
$30 per hour for voice-over recording.

Multimedia & Web Audio

Sound design and voice-over can also be tailored to multi-media and web audio needs. These tend to be short sound clips and, of course, we can record and edit these in the studio, too.
$30 per hour for multimedia and web audio sound clip recording and editing.

Music Recording

The studio recording process is at the heart of our business. Our studio is a very controlled acoustic environment with sound absorbing portable walls, curtains and acoustic ceiling tile. Audio tracks recorded in our studio are very noise-free and the mixes are very "clean" and professional-sounding. There is an acoustically isolated corner of the room where the drum kit is set up for band recording.
$30 per hour for studio music recording.

Library & Production Music

When we don't have a needed accompaniment track or sound effect in our own library, we are able to search for and acquire third party licensed accompaniment music and sound effects for our clients to use with their studio project. Our clients will buy these auxiliary sound recordings at the cost charged by the third party.

Audio Book Recording

Audio book recordings are extended spoken word projects. If you have written a book and would like to publish it in audio format, you are welcome to either read it yourself, or I could narrate it for you, or we could call upon several professional voice-over specialists which I would be happy to refer you to. Usually, these specialists have their own recording facilities and you would work with them directly. We do not charge for referring you to another recording studio, and are happy to direct all inquiries to the service provider that would be best suited for the client's project.
$30 per hour for audio book recording in our studio.