Malcolm X  Homesite - Historical Marker
Lansing Michigan

Located at the Corner of:
1099 Vincent Ct and  4600 block of Martin Luther King
Lansing, Michigan. 48910
Driving Directions
  Princella Clement's 4th Grade Class taking time to reflect  - February  1998
The Students & Staff of:
El-Hajj Malik Shabazz Academy
Dr. Ruby Helton - Principal
2130 W. Holmes
Lansing, Michigan 48910
(517) 394-6446

The Proposal:

To have an area around the homesite with a full mural of  Mr. & Mrs. Shabazz and the Life and times of Malcolm X.  To be presented at the next State Of Michigan Transportation Commission Meeting.  Federal, State and Local funding will be sought for this great project.

View a working diagram of the project

Cost:        $1,500,000
                       (Labor and Materials) minus the
                       (40 acres & mule adjustment)

Funding Source:
                80%  State & Local Funding
                20%  Federal Funding

    An additional tourist attraction to Lansing Michigan.


The Exit Ramp:

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