Partial crack, announced itself with a 1" left-rear sag .
Note: The standard shock /spring unit mounting bolts
are best replaced with Grade 8 plated versions.

Tube comes out easily (30min) without
disturbing hubs, brakes or drive shafts
PS: I've since replaced the hubs... :-)
Re-aligned, weld/weld-up, primer and coat,
use this until new tube arrives
As off July 2002 a heavier gauge tube is used. Although a watts-linkage option alternative for the
upper Z-arm is available,  the new tube fits the "older" cars, like mine
 ('99 DeDion).

Given the  semi-prototype nature of this car (low production volume) these things happen, although
I personally would recommend frequent inspections for anyone with a pre -'02 deDion car .

New (bottom) shows reinforced spring /shock mount, removal of secondary shock mount
and a 10mm wider track, improving clearance between the Z-arm and caliper

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