Welcome to Marc's Role playing Game Web site!

Please pardon the dust while I rebuild my tattered web site.

After 8 months of unemployment, I can finally restore my old web site. Please be patient with me as I restore the old pages. HTML has changed a bit and I have to go through a new learning process. While I am at it, I would like to thank the people at R.G.I.S Inventory Specialist for giving me the job needed to resurrect this site.

The rebuilding will take some time. I will be putting the links, and downloads pages first. Then the old breath of fire page (one of the most widely pirated documents on the web) will be put back. Then I will handle the other pages.

Dungeons and Dragons

This part of the page will have the most changes on it. Campaign one has been resolved since my web site's demise. Campaign Two had some players that could not get along and so migrated to Campaign One. Campaign Three is still underway.


The information for Reach for the Stars will be replaced. I have finally finished the formulas for calculating the classic Traveller weapon scores and will be putting these up too.

Star Wars D20

This is the newest undertaking for me. A small group decided to get together and play and I was volunteered to GM for them. I thought that the girls got original with their Dungeons and Dragons characters. I hadn't seen anything then!

Other Games

This page will have other games I have enough experience in to provide help for stumped players. If I get enough questions, I will put them here.

Rina's Art Gallery

My sister-in-laws pictures will be back and they will be put here.


This is where I will put my Character generator and Sector Generator. I may put other items here, if i get time to do programming at home again.


This is where the links to other sites will be.

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