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Todd and Suz, Stuff Todd Built from LegoŽ

A few images from my meeting with Todd and Suzanne.


Suz and Todd, Cambridge Toy Store

Here are Todd and Suzanne in front of a Cambridge Toy Store that used to carry the entire Dacta Line.

Suz and Todd, and the lady at S & S Diner in Cambridge

Here are Todd and Suzanne with the Ess and Ess lady, who, although apparently dead, is part of the marketing campaign for an excellent diner, the S & S Diner.


Space convenience

Todd's design study for the ultimate space facility, so to speak. Note the high tech electric flush and TP dispenser controls.

Space convenience

Here it is in use.

Power Tool Dentistry approach

Todd's design study for the ultimate dental chair. Please don't mind the blood on the floor. This drill will fix what ails you!


Agent Scully gets X Rayed.


Recessed desk computer and lamp.


Control Panels.

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