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My Passenger trains

This page has a few snaps of my red and white passenger train. Some of the images have a 4558 Metroliner power unit and car in them for reference. I also have some detail on an additional metroliner car I built.

Red and White Streamliner

This picture shows both trains in action, as well as some freight cars and my first attempt at a lift bridge. Even though the 4558 Metroliner has an extra car I built for it, you can see how the HUGE red/white train just dwarfs it. Some of the other shots I just added also show this clearly

action shot


This is a front view. Note that each of the 5 cars differs slightly. From a distance, they are unified in scheme, but small details such as door color and placement, marker lights, roof vents, and other details vary from car to car. This is prototypical (and I claim it was deliberate, not because I was running low on parts here and there)

front view of red and metro

Nose View

This is a view from the rear, again showing small differences. Some roof detail is visible here as well.

rear view of red and metro

Tail View

This view shows pretty clearly what the stock looks like. Note particularly that the underbelly componentry is not skirted. It differs from car to car.

side view of red and metro

Side View

This shows the power unit and highlights the articulation in the trucks necessary for this over 40 stud long unit to be able to navigate curves. I had to add 1 straight to each side of the approach to the bridge or else it would not clear.

big diesel 3/4 view

Big Diesel

This shot shows some of the roof detail and again shows scale. Note how far off center the nose of the engine is as it approaches the bridge and how much of the track is showing beneath the baggage car behind it. The red on the bridge top are 8 crane weights I just got from Dacta.

top view

Top view

Some detail of the sleeper interior is visible here. Note that these compartments are selectively compressed. a Minifig cannot actually sleep comfortably in one, but they give the appearance of a single bunk berth. A real passenger car has 12-14 of these, I could not justify going below 6, and to make them to minifig scale would have meant only 3 in this car!!!

sleeper interior cutaway

Sleeper interior cutaway

the observation car's riders.

<-O-> moves people in style

Metroliner Coach

The following are a few snaps of a clone coach I built so the metroliner would not look so puny and short compared to Big Red Caterpillar. The following compromises were made:

Despite these compromises, I feel it captures the essence.

A side view to compare the two cars.

metro and clone side view

Side View

End view showing the fairly close replication of the simulated diaphragms.

metro and clone ends

End View

Top view showing the close, but not identical, roofs.

metro and clone roofs

Top View

Bottom view showing the composite floor construction.

metro and clone bottoms

Bottom View

Metroliner Nose Modification

metroliner gray nose

Modified with a grey nose instead of black (I like it better that way, it looks more like Amtrak practice that way (see the Amtrak Genesis or the new GE electric motor unit). Also modified to be powered and lit at both ends. I found that I needed two motors to make the bridge approach grade as the motors do not have much weight on top of them and tend to slip.

Early Yellow Passenger Car

This is a try at a pre 1900 passenger car. Kind of fun but not my best work.

Yellow Passenger Car

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