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Matthew and Bryon visit

Matt and Bryon came over, Matt brought his forklift. We played with monorails and talked Lego Trash. local riffraff

homemade forks side view

homemade forks front view

monorail maniacs


Some potential flatcar loads. I decided to make the operate. They are driven from the front wheels at about 2.5 times wheel speed via gearing in the floor. Front window is 2 of the common car windshields upside down plugged into a technic 5 long 1/2h round end beam. Both harvesters are identical except for the actual harvest unit (different units, one has fingers, one has bars) and the crop chute. One has a big thick crop chute, the other has a smaller one.

Using the standard flatcar plate, these two harvesters probably will take 3 flatcars. They fit on a drop center but that's cheating.

Here's a link to a used equipment dealer that has some harvester/combine pictures. My wheels are too small but other than that I think I captured the spirit.

front view

back view

underbelly view

front drive view

control cab view (both sides visible)

Container Yard Goat

this is a yard goat, tight turning radius, for moving container racks and spines around. Highly maneuverable, but not very powerful or suitable for road use. Some protos have rail wheels too. Note how short it is. Total length is shorter than just the cab of the Mac (and way shorter than the Volvo).

side view, turned 90 from trailer, no problem

front view, Note offset cab. Engine is to side of cab

side view, contrast with Mack.

back view without trailer. Note the vestigal taillights and no license plate. Ok for yard use only.

Coil Steel Car

This car has covers to protect the coils of steel from the elements. I made them from castle corner sections, joined back to back with 1x2 block tilting bearing hinges turned sideways and plugged into a plate.

side view with coil covers on

end view, shows cover detail

top view  with both covers off

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