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Images too new to classify, no captions, no nothing

... well, maybe a FEW captions but you get the idea ...

my control panel

Yard Throat

Nik and his air fleet

Here's what happens when you let the trains run unattended for over an hour... A coupler parted on the big yellow tank (10 cars back in the 20 car train the red/yellow Geep was pulling). The Geep rear ended the tank, drove it off the trucks, into the path of Big Red who promptly plowed in and shed trucks. Fortunately no one was hurt but the champagne in the obs car did get spilled.

That downed signal bridge is the beginning of the slow zone for the new station, so the construction workers promptly staged a wildcat saftey outage. Apparently they were none too happy at the sight of that tank, sans trucks, coming at them at 80 mph pushed by big red... wreckage.. call the big hook!

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