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AS/400 An Alternative to Unix?
Rogue Wave Home Page
Network Computing Interactive Report Cards
Java Optimization Resources
Visigenic VisiBroker
acathisia - java and the rise of "worse is better"
Java Home Page
Visix Software, Inc.
Objectsoft, Inc.
Secant Technologies
Java Showcase - Mapuccino: A Web Site Mapping Tool
Welcome To Ikonodyne!
NEO and Joe Developer Support
The Compendium of HTML Elements
Persistence Software Object - Relational Mapping And Caching Tools Home Page
Stroustrup: newsgroup posting
ObjectStore Technical Overview/
Object Design, Inc. Homepage
The Important Things Are Always Simple

Java info

Java Web Server Home Page FAQ
Java Packages
JavaWorld - How to develop commercial-quality Java programs - January 1997
Java WorkShop Product Information
Tools Evaluation - Java IDE's
Java Report Home Page

OO Info

Object Currents
Object Currents


ODB References
gemstone - Welcome.


Justin Time NEW
Dimension X
Richard T. Due'

SW Companies & Standards Orgs

Clarify Inc.
Symantec Corporation
Welcome To ZORAN's official www site !!
Rogue Wave Home Page
IBM Patent Server Home Page
IBM BookManager - Web Site Map
Welcome to RealAudio !
Chipsoft: Home Page
SELECT Software Tools plc - Home Page
Scopus Technology Home Page - The Internet's Premiere Windows 95 Web Site
Forté Home Page
Pure Atria Home Page
Welcome to Hewlett-Packard
antivirus online
SQA, Inc
OSF Home Page
Welcome to OMG's Home Page
Intuit Home Page
Welcome to Hoover's Online! home page


The Acari
Mites /Humans HYG-2101-95
Foresight Institute
Nadrian C. Seeman
LEGO Factory
Molecular Robotics
The Smithsonian
Introduction to Virtual FlyLab
Lib of Cong WWW/Z39.50


Salon | Smashing the state
Internet Liberty Forum
Libertarian Party
Official Dole
Harry Browne

Park Links

Canobie Park
The Cedar Point Newsletter
WWG Roller Coaster Types - The Wild Mouse
Sandusky, Ohio Local Forecast
American Coaster Enthusiasts Home Page
Lake Compounce Theme Park, Bristol Connecticut
The Sandusky Register FunCoast Visitors Center
Buckeye North - Erie County Visitors Bureau - Sandusky
SlugVideo Panorama View (Mount Umunhum)
Park and Ride Science Index
World Wide Guide to Amusement Parks, Roller Coasters etc.
Hands Up! Index Page
Welcome to Coasterville
Welcome To Paramount's Kings Island
ACE Links
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Home Page
Cedar Point Home Page
Paramount Canada's Wonderland
American Coaster Enthusiasts Home Page
IAAPA OnLine - Home Page
Six Flags Theme Parks
Knoebels Amusement Resort
Viacom: Visit Our Sites

Railroad Links

TRAINS Magazine
Fonts Page
Kalmbach Publishing Co.
Welcome to the BNSF Home Page
Norfolk Southern Corporation
CN - Canadian National Railway Company
Welcome to Canadian Pacific Railway
The Railway Exchange
Union Pacific Railroad Homepage
Consolidated Rail Corporation (CONRAIL)
Cyberspace World Railroad Home Page


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