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Factoring Service overview

I run a factoring service to facilitate LEGO® related commerce across country boundaries. This page is about the PayPal.com payment service. For a more general overview, to to my overview page.

PayPal.com, an electronic payment system

PayPal is an eletronic payment service which is affiliated with your Visa or Mastercard. Currently it's US only.

This page will describe PayPal.com in the context of factoring and of buyers of my auction or straight sale lots paying for their winnings or purchases. For more information on PayPal you should see their website. But don't sign up until you've read about my special offer, below.

I have been looking for a way to reduce costs in terms of time, and expense, when receiving and making payments on my own behalf, and on behalf of others. Bill paying services don't really cut it, as there is no easy way for others to pay me. They also are terrible for one time transactions as there is a lot of set up to do.

PayPal enables transfers from one account holder to another in the easiest way imaginable. All you need to know is a fairly easy to remember ID (the email ID, which is usually easier to remember for a few seconds when switching from an incoming email to the PayPal input screen, than some random long sequence of digits), and the payment amount. Very easy.

PayPal enables funding the account in an easy way, via a transfer in using your credit card. I typically fund my PayPal account with just enough to take care of transactions plus a little more, and I recharge it from my card as I need to. Funding via card is instantaneous, you can use the money within seconds of putting it in. And PayPal charges nothing for that, it's done as a purchase rather than an advance.

Paypal also enables getting money out back into your credit card.

You sold me on PayPal, now what?

If you want to join PayPal, I'd appreciate it if you gave me as a referral. Click this link to sign up. The sign up engine doesn't seem to be running 24 hours a day so you may have to try again.

If you use me as a referral, I get a 10 dollar credit. After I do, I will rebate 5 of it back to you.

Even if you don't use me, do give a referral from SOMEONE. There are other people out there soliciting for referrals. Seems silly that no one get the tenner from you signing up, eh?


So I'm pretty hot on X AND PayPal. If X, PayPal or systems like it catch on, and if they go world wide, my days of having to factor are over. And that's a good thing.
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