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Various structure and structure related things

'70s houses

The first pictures are of houses built entirely with parts that are from my childhood. These were built prior to my Imagination Center Haj...

First up is a picture of a blue roofed house as well as a red and white one Unfortunately I parted out the red one for the windows it had. These subsequently went into Big Red Caterpillar.

2 1970s vintage houses

the blue and white has the fun mechanical garage door.

House built entirely of 25 year old bricks

Back side of blue house

Central Station

A study of the trainshed for my big station project.

Thoughts on a train shed

A study of the facade for my station project. Windows, doors, and arches

window variations

arch variations

door variations

Rural Station

Here is a blue and white rural station I did recently. I think it captures the essence of many stations that served small towns prior to Amtrak. First up is an action shot:

Rural Station with Passenger Local

Next is the same shot with the train gone to show the facade.

Overall 3/4 view from trackside

I built the platform out of separate bricks and plates. Notice the overhang. This is more prototypical than Lego platforms. I developed this platform style for my central station project, above, and used it here. Notice also the yellow safety stripe, below the concrete. This is more for the benefit of trainmen than passengers, because the passengers can't see it unless they lean over.

The building is asymmetrical, one side is closer to the platform edge than the other. That's because there is a freight center on one side (typical of rural stations which handle LCL freight as well as passenger traffic)

I had some fun with the eaves on this one. I wanted to capture the arched roof supports that a lot of older rural stations have. These stations typically have fairly huge roof overhangs so passengers can wait outside without getting rained or scorched. The roof supports often were quite elaborate. I used the white half bent columns from current freestyle buckets (James Mathis uses this piece a lot too).


The next shot shows the 2x2 windows I used here and there for effect. It also shows that I didn't have low slope corners when I did this, haden't got the new Ninja set at the time of the build.

side eaves

Proving that I do all sides of most buildings instead of just facades, the next two shots show the back side. First up is the agent/passenger door:

non track side - agent door

The other side of the building has the freight door. The roof supports are spaced irregularly to fit around the freight door.

non track side - freight door

One parting shot from the side, this shot shows the windows and doors used on the front facade. Note that the roof supports are only used on one side. The other side sticks out far enough not to need them.

One last side shot

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