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This is an auction that ran some time ago. It's not running now. I am not running any auctions now. If I do, I will be running them at  SeriousCollector which I think is a great auction service. So you needn't mail me asking about auctions!!! OR, I'll be running them on eBay. Go to my main LEGO page and you can find links to all the auctions I am in.

Set reference information

Set Number Set Name Pieces/Year Reference information
1720 Cactus Canyon 129/94  Info by Jason
1721 Sandy Point Marina 149/94  Info by Jason
1721 Sandy Point Marina includes the following sets: 1790,1791,1792
1790 Shark Fisherman 18/94 Info by Jason
1791 Windsurfer and Van 68/94 Info by Jason
1792 Pleasure Cruiser  63/94 Info by Jason
-- end 1721 -- 
1722 Bonus Pack 103/94 Info by Jason
1722 Bonus Pack includes the following sets: 1702,1704
1702  (Town) Fire Fighter 4x4 48/94 Info by Jason
1704  (Ice Planet) Satellite Plow  55/94 Info by Jason
-- end 1722 -- 
1723 Bonus Pack 67/94 Info by Jason
1723 Bonus Pack includes the following sets: 1794,1795
1794 (Dragon Masters) DM's Chariot 34/94  Info by Jason
1795 (Imperial Guards) Imperial Cannon 33/94 Info by Jason
-- end 1723 -- 
6195  Aquanauts: Neptune Discovery Lab  492/1995 Info by Jason
8858 Technic: Rebel Wrecker  398/1994 Info by Joe Lauer OR Info by Jason
5591 Model Team: Mach II Red Bird Rig  1166/1994 Info by Jason
6991  Monorail Transport Base  568/1994  Info by Jason
1821 Town/Race: Rally Racers  192/1996 Info by Jason
6949 Spyrius: Robot Guardian  360/1994 Info by Jason
6314 Town: City People  27/1992 Info by Jason
4548 Train: Speed Regulator  3/1992 Info by Jason OR Info by Matt

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