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Electro Magnetic Thrust Mechanism

During my many searches on the internet, a number of stories grabbed my attention. Stories of an "electric rocket". Stories of devices that mysteriously launched themselves into orbit. Stories of how UFO's propel themselves. Stories of something called "Zero Point Energy" or ZPE. Stories of capacitors that would move when charged or discharged. And I remember hearing one of my friends tell me what he saw the night before on the Tonite Show with Steve Allen (my Mom would not let me stay up that late, but that was 40 some years ago). He told me of a guy with a box that when he supplied it electricity, it got lighter. These many stories started my feeble brain to thinking.
This is what I came up with, a theory of propulsion using only electricity. No propeller. No exhaust. No noise. Just one magnet(s) pushing and pulling another magnet(s).

Below are multiple views of a pair of electro magnets which are connected to each other a certain distance apart. It is a time sequence moving left to right. These electro magnets are pulsed on and off as shown. The magnetic fields take time to travel from one magnet to the other. The top magnet is constantly being repelled. The bottom magnet is constantly being pulled. Kind of like lifting by you own boot straps.

After analyzing this idea I realized that electro-magnets probably can not switch poles fast enough as it takes more time for the electricity to flow thru the coils than for the magnetic pulse to travel the distance between the electro magnets. But if the magnets were replaced with plates, and the plates where pulsed with very high frequency high voltage electricity, then it would create a thrust. No wind, no noise, just pure quiet thrust.

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