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Building Cook's Electro-Magnetic Battery

Aug 16, 2001 -
- Core material ordered, recieved, and cut to length.
- Primary coil forms, have cardboard mailing tubes, 3 inch OD, 1/8 wall.
- Secondary coil forms, have cardboard shipping tubes, 5-1/4 inch OD, 1/8 wall.
- Primary 22 gage magnet wire, ordered, and recieved.
- Secondary 12 gage rectangular .032 x .144 magnet wire, ordered, waiting for delivery.
- Calculate device will weigh about 70 lbs.
- Making plans for simple coil winder.

Aug 20, 2001 -
- Received 12 gage rectangular magnet wire, actual measurement .037 x .147 inch including insulation.
- Learning how to wind rectangular wire.

Aug 28, 2001 -
- Been unable to work on project for the last 5 days due to social obligations.
- Simple coil winder has been drawn up.
- The winder is a ring that the tubing rotates in. A slot holds the wire on edge while being bent.
- Have found material for coil winder. Friends are machining the winder parts.
- Goal is to wind coils this holiday weekend September 1-3, 2001.

Sept 2, 2001 -
- Inner coils are wound. Pictures
- Will make spacers for between coils and wind outer coils tommorrow.

Sept 3, 2001 -
- Outer coils are wound. Pictures
- Need to glue things together and do wiring.

Sept 8, 2001 -
- Coils are epoxy glued and taped. More Pictures
- Base boards are sawn like in a jigsaw puzzle. This allows coils to stand 1/2 inch apart.
- Coils are wired to a terminal strip, ready for testing tomorrow.
- Connected wires, waved magnet, nothing happened. Magnet was quite small, did not expect anything.
- Will wind a starter coil tomorrow, see if I can jump start this thing.

Sept 9, 2001 -
- Ran AC current thru coils. More Pictures No power produced.
- They creat a large magnetic field. A small rare earth magnet would vibrate when near coils.
- Outputs 50 volts from an input of 115 volts 60 cycles AC.
- Will do more testing, maybe with a pulse of 12 volt DC. (next weekend)

Oct 2001 -
- I can NOT make this device work. That does not mean that it never worked.
- The device, AS I BUILT IT, does not work.
- I can not say whether it might work if built to different dimensions or specifications.

- I will continue to search for information related to devices that suggest overunity.

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