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James Randall

Divorced summer of 2012
one ex-wife after 45 years of marriage
one daughter
three sons
three granddaughters
two grandsons
two great granddaughters
one great grandson

My past...
      I started life in a small village in southern Michigan, as the third of five sons of a factory worker. At age three my parents moved us five miles south of town into a large two story stone house on a 32 acre farm. No running water, no bathroom, wood heat, one light bulb in each room. My first job was carrying water from the well at age four. I learned to drive tractor at age six, gathered eggs, cut hay, milked cows, and cultivated corn. During High School, I worked evenings stocking shelves and sorting bottles at The Country Market. At age 18 I left for the big city to attend Allied Institute of Technology in Chicago. My first job in Chicago was in a printing shop where they made filmstrips of announcements and advertisements for movie theaters. I worked as a mail boy for US Gypsum. I worked in shipping and later in inspection at the 3M Co. Revere Wollensak tape recorder factory. I worked as a draftsman for Westinghouse Electric. I meet Joanne, my little Dutch girl from a farm in northwest Iowa. We soon married and decided Chicago was no place to live and raise a family. So we moved back to my hometown in southern Michigan. I worked as a draftsman at Double A Products, which was acquired by Brown & Sharp. I worked for Gelman Science as a draftsman and printed circuit board layout. I worked my way up to Chief Draftsman. I worked for Ann Arbor Terminals as printed circuit board layout and mechanical designer. We soon moved 35 miles north into a small house trailer on ten acres of land I bought. I left Ann Arbor Terminals for a year while I designed and built my own house. I returned to AA Terminals as an Industrial Engineer in charge of problem solving on their computer terminal assembly line. After being let go by AA Terminals, I got a job as Quality Control Manager in a small machine shop very close to home where I worked 50 hours a week for the next 20 years.

My present...
      After working 21 years in the machine shop, at age 55 I left to spend my time investing in the stock markets. I am Chief Financial Officer of Make An Impression, Inc. which I helped my daughter and son-in-law start in the fall of 2002. I now spend my time working on a number of inventions and trading stocks. I write computer programs to analyze and test my ideas. I have a machine shop in my basement where I make and test my inventions. My investment strategy is to ride gold and silver until it peaks, probably about 2016.

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