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My Current work has taken me to designing rich media on the subject of horse riding. The first elemant is a web site on the father of Hunt Seat, George Morris. The second piece is a youtube video/slide animation on the inspiration of horses in your life. There are a couple of horse painting which I have started, Intendo and Rachel and Hot Rod.


I am a dynamic individual with a wealth of experience in art and design. I am naturally talented in photography, video and 3D animation with excellent skills in web, print and multimedia design. My work has been seen in Print, on the World Wide Web and in the International Scene. I often bring an artistic spirit and passion to my place of work. I am intrigued by the latest ideas in graphic design animation for the Web and Broadcast television. I am inspired by latest in video technologies. Im constantly seeing whats going on in the International arena and trying to keep up on the international design field. My hobbies take me to horse jumping events and my most recent joys have been volunteering for horse riding and You Tubing with my nieces.

George Morris: 5 Factors of Jumping


A guided tour on horse riding

The thing that really amazes me is how horse jumping is so good for your soul. Spending timein nature with this incredible animal that lets you get on his back and go for a ride.


Links to Horse jumping

solarnavigator.net equestriansport.tv
Great horse galloping sound effects.

Links to my class assignments

  1. What makes it Great.
  2. Four types of horse jumping.
  3. History of Show Jumping.
  4. Repetition.
  5. Consistency.
  6. Balance.

Most greatest Accomplishments

The thing that really amazes me is when I get "fired up" over a project that I get to work on. One of my favorite accomplishments was assisting in the design of local programming shows in The TimeWarner programming departmnent. I am also proud of the interactive Picasso la vie project at The Cleveland Museum of Art of which in part was an idea inspired during the classes I was enrolled in on the study of interactive design and multimedia design. I have also been know to be ahead of the wave, very observent as to what's going on in the field

Most Important Person: My horse riding instructor, she believes in me.


Riding/Fencing/Design Basics

First level five factors

  1. communication
  2. balance
  3. history
  4. repetition
  5. consistency

Second level five factors

  1. context
  2. shape
  3. alignment
  4. symetry
  5. navigation


Equestrian legend George Morris

will auction off trophies, paintings and other items from his New Jersey home as

he prepares to move to Florida.

George Morris quotes

George H. Morris, American hunter/jumper trainer

George H. Morris, American hunter/jumper trainer

Show hunter

Show jumping

The Horses

George Morris: 5 Factors of Jumping

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