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Think of this web site as a rack of magazines. There are "magazines" on six topics. There is some degree of overlap.
Soccer !!!
Growing fruits and vegetables
Landscaping for wildlife
Animal Science
St Ignace Center
Sunday School lesson plans


Growing Fruits and Vegetables: (No data behind this link, yet)
To be happy for a day, get drunk. To be happy for a week, get married (to the wrong person). To be happy for a life time, plant a garden.

Other fruit and vegetable growing links :
US Agricultural Research Station Cultivar search tool 
Lon Rombough's Home page. Grapes, natives, & easy care species
Michael McConkey's Edible Landscaping. Own rooted plants 
Chinese Prodigal Son. (new 3/25/2001) 
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Landscaping for wildlife:
I fish because I love to;
because I love the environs where trout are found,
which are invariably beautiful, ...
because trout do not lie or cheat
and cannot be bought or bribed
or impressed by power,
but respond only to
and humility
and endless patience... -John Voelker (aka Robert Traver)

Mid-Michigan Chapter of Quality Deer Management 
Box turtles. A classic "canary in the coal mine" 
Narrative on how my LFW thinking evolved
Deer Season 2004
The Mouser new December 7, 2004
Country bass
 new (November 6, 2004) 
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Animal Sciences:
We raise sheep. In the past, we raised cattle, chickens and ducks. Ten ewes and their offspring can graze three acres. Makes more sense than buying a $4000 tractor.

Dan Morrical's thoughts on cross-bred ewes A private email he let me post
FW Owen's Homepage. MIG Grazing. Uncommon sense. Mile wide & deep. 
The place to go when you have a question about grass cultivars 
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Pack your own parachute

Rich on any income A book that will help you get control of your money and your life
Common sense on mutual funds  Good investment advice without the hucksterism
The value of experts, Part I 
The value of experts, Part II   (New 2/09/2001)  
The value of frugality (New 3/25/2001)  


St Ignace Center:

A think tank devoted to pragmatic solutions. St Ignace, Michigan is the gateway to Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. Note that The St Ignace Center was formerly known as "That Loon in the Basement"
St Ignace Center, serious
St Ignace Center, satire  
Some of my favorite "Michigan" homepages
Art and life in the Northwoods Upper Peninsula near Lake Michigan
Dr. Z's homepage. Boring index, good links. Southwest corner of Michigan
Debby Williams. Dedicated to the good things in life. Southeast corner of Michigan
Sunday School Lessons and Icebreakers:  
This is undoubtedly the weakest "magazine" on the website. I agonized over whether to include it. Then I queried Altavista and found 2,552,200 pages of porn and only 800 of Sunday School Lessons. That did not seem very balanced. I decided that I could supress my ego and post some material that was not very slick or professional. Most of this material is targeted at ninth graders.
Moral Muscle: An unfinished story
Two miracles  
List based morality, Part I  
Moral Muscle: Abortion  
Moral Muscle: Genocide  
Guidelines for disagreeing with the people you love without hurting them 

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