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This guide is still under construction, so check back for updated versions. I also hope to post a downloadable PDF version in the near future.

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Puppy Buyer's Guide

Adopting a puppy or adult dog is a decision that will mean many years of commitment. Many new owners don't realise that adopting a puppy is almost as much work as adopting a child into the family. The biggest difference being that puppies grow up much faster than human children and all their learning must be done in just a few short months. The shelters rarely contain more than a few puppies, but invariably have many young adult dogs. Few people realise that dogs often look physically mature long before they actually reach behavioral maturity. An eight to twelve month old puppy is only as mature as an eight to twelve year old child, yet is often expected to behave as an adult.

This guide was written to help prospective owners gain awareness of the many things dog ownership require and aid them in purchasing a puppy wisely. This should not be considered the definitive text on puppy purchasing, but might help to make the job of bringing home that new family member easier. Follow the links below to see each topic with more detail.

Questions a buyer should first ask themselves.

  • Is the Cardigan Welsh Corgi the right breed for me?
  • Is every family member involved in this descision and agreeable to having a new addition?
  • Is there at least one or more members of the household willing and able to care for a dog that will live from 11 to 19 years?
  • Are there any plans over the next year or so, to have a baby or move?
  • Does anyone in the family have allergies?
  • Would a puppy or an adult better suit my household?
  • If a puppy is the choice, will there be enough free time in my schedule over the next 6 mos to a year or more for properly housebreaking and training an active, intelligent youngster?
  • If an adult is the choice, will there be enough time in my schedule over at least the next 3 to 6 weeks to be sure the dog is able to adjust to it's new surroundings and family?
  • Am I willing to put up with some shedding and the other aspects of having a Cardi?
  • Am I interested in learning to show or do other fun things with my cardi?
  • Has the issue of preference for gender, color and other considerations been discussed and agreed upon by eveyone in the family?
  • Questions a buyer should ask a breeder.

    About Health

    About Temperament

    About Registration

    About Identification and other concerns

    Wyntr's Breeding and Puppy Placement Policies

    Questions a breeder might ask you.

    Getting Ready for the New Arrival.



    Remember! Think before you purchase. A puppy is a canine companion for a lifetime!

    Permission granted to copy and use this guide as needed.

    Kathleen Carter, Wyntr Cardigans

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