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Just as his ancestors may have stood with real life counterparts, Cowboy stands beside a statue dedicated to the hard working drovers of Wales.

Llandovery is the town where livestock from all over the region were brought in preparation for the long trip to London.

Currently surrounded by a shopping center parking lot and children's playground, very little remains of the fortification that was once Llandovery Castle. Built between 1100-1116 and then taken over by the English in 1277, the area was originally a Roman outpost dating back to the first century. In 1400-1416 during the Welsh War of Liberation, Henry the IV of England came to Llandovery in search of Welsh resistance leader Owain Glyndwr, who was thought to be hiding in the region. A local supporter, Llewellyn ap Gruffydd Fychan of Croesco was hung for his refusal to betray Owain and a recently erected statue now stands beside the castle in his memory. As an interesting note, Thomas told us that the artist who created this statue was once an apprentice who worked with him.



The Crannog, on Llangorse Lake and Museum


This man made island, called a Crannog, is the only one of it's kind known to exist in Wales and is a recent archeological site which uncovered not only human artifacts and remains, but also the bones of an ancient dwarf dog.


A news article about the Crannog was posted on a bulletin board at the museum which housed the original boat found during the dig.

Abstract from the Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)

Newsbrief in Archeology magazine


The museum also contained a number of Roman and Celtic stone markers and more recent artifacts including a display of beautiful handcarved wooden Lovespoons.

A replica boat rests on the shore near a reconstruction of a building similar to what may have been used on the Crannog.

At the lake, a host of ducks looking for handouts escorted a very cheeky young swan. Cowboy voices his displeasure after the swan rudely hissed in his face. Royal protection or not, he would have liked to give that swan a lesson or two on good manners.




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