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Powis Castle

Although Powis castle is actually more of a manor house on a grand scale. It is one of the few remaining castles that is still used as a residence. It houses a huge collection of heirloom antiques and artifacts obtained through trade in the Far East and elsewhere. Unfortunately for preservation reasons, we were not allowed to take any photos indoors.


The gardens were still blooming in early fall.

In the background, decorative shrubs are sculpted to look like mountain terraces.


A beautiful view of the grounds from the heights. The tiny dots on the distant field are cattle.

The statues in foreground depict shepherd and shepherdess youths piping and dancing while engaged in pastoral activities such as sheep shearing.


Bronant Corgi or Toy spaniel?

Guarding one shepherd's feet, this little dog bears a strong resemlance to accounts of the old style, drop-eared corgis of the past.


The Museum of Welsh Life, St. Fagans

Museum website

Welsh farmhouse

This structure was historically the typical home for the average farming family in Wales.

The walls are whitewashed with lyme over a special mixture of mud and stones applied to a woven stick frame.

The roof is made from thatched straw. Inside, the floor is tightly packed dirt that feels concrete hard.

Most homes like this had a central hearth and two or three rooms, one of which housed the family's livestock.


An important member of the Welsh community was the blacksmith.

This gentleman was happy to tell us about his trade and gave us some great tips on places to visit during our trip.


This bard and maiden needlepoint was one of several on display inside the museum.

Among the many images included in this work, a small dog, possibly a whippet or spaniel, pursues a hare (shown enlarged at right).

For reasons of preservation, the lighting of these images was low key and no flash photography was allowed, so the image quality here is not the best.


The National Botanic Garden of Wales

This snail shell mosaic fountain and a fanciful sea monster sculpture were some of the many features at the gardens.

The dome in the background is an arboretum that houses a display of plants from Australia and the southern hemisphere.

It was one of the few cloudy, rainy days on our trip, but we still had an enjoyable time walking the gardens.


An old wall dating from Roman times still stands as a backdrop to the English garden display.

The gardener turning some beds over for winter (right photo), was very nice and took time out from his labors to identify many of the plants.


Inside the arboretum, plants native to Australia and NewZealand were just starting to bloom in keeping with the southern hemisphere spring.

At the far end of the dome, the walkway leads to and around a waterfall fountain.

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