Name: Winsdown Blue Domino (on left)
Gender: male
Color:  blue merle
whelped: Oct 30, 1969
Owner/Handler: J. S. Churchill
Breeder: Louise Vantrease


     UK CH Kentwood Ifan
   Winsdown Brymore Carbon Blue (blue merle)
     Brymore's Nosoldu Ap Sunny
 AM CH Winsdown Blue Domino
     UK CH Parmel Dictator (br)
   AM CH Winsdown Brymore Cat Ballou (tri-br)
     AM CH Domino's Miss Busy of Brymore (red)


Text accompanying photo:
Best Junior Dog In Sweepstakes at the 1970 national Specialty under J.E.J Parkinson.  
RWD the next day under J.E.J Parkinson at Plainfield K.C. on 24 May, 1970. 
Won a 4 pt major on 23 July under Paul Haynum at Greenville SC.  
Two days later won another 4 point major under Wm Kendrick at Charlotte NC.  
Finished under E.E. Evers at Forsyth K.C. 18 October, 1970 with a 3 pointer.

This information is from a photocopy of an advertisement that was published 
during the early 70's in Dogworld and/or one of the other popular dog/breed 
publications of the time. 
2nd dog in photo not identified.

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