Name: Winsdown Hydroxide
Gender: male
Color:  brindle
whelped: SEP-19-1972
Owner/Handler: Louise Vantrease
Breeder: Louise Vantrease


     UK CH Kentwood Ifan
   Winsdown Brymore Carbon Blue (blue merle)
     Brymore's Nosoldu Ap Sunny
Winsdown Hydroxide
     UK CH Echium Of Hezelclose (tri)
   CH Glyceria Of Hezelclose (brindle)
     Dryas Of Hezelclose

This is the only photo found of a dog previously thought to be a 
double merle, but obviously this is not the case (his name indicates 
a lack of color, where other cardigans of the Winsdown lines were 
named accordingly). By his markings and pedigree he was likely a 
brindle merle, although eye witness accounts and the AKC registry say 
he may have just been a brindle.
Unfortunately, this dog may have been dysplastic (unconfirmed) and 
had known carriers for PRA in his pedigree.  Fortunately, modern 
descendants of this dog have not been found to carry the PRA gene.

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