Name: AM CAN CH Winsdown Carbonette
Gender: female
Color:  see notes
whelped: JUL-30-1972
Owner: Mary Kaucic &  Louise Vantrease
Breeder: Louise Vantrease


     UK CH Kentwood Ifan
   Winsdown Brymore Carbon Blue (blue merle)
     Brymore's Nosoldu Ap Sunny
 AM CH Winsdown Carbonette
     UK CH Parmel Dictator (br)
   AM CH Winsdown Brymore Sea Nymph (brindle)
     AM CH Teilo Binkie

Although this bitch appears to be a 'red' or 'off-color' merle, 
it may only be her red undercoat that gave her this appearance.

Her color is listed as "BROWN & WHITE" in the AKC database and 
she may have actually been a brindle merle.

Carbonette as a puppy

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