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DNA 'Fluff' (long coat) Test For Cardigans

We recently participated in a DNA test study conducted by Dr. Donna J. Housley and P. J. Venta which identified a specific marker gene for long or 'fluff' coat in cardigans and several other breeds. This marker gene had been previously identified in several other breeds and Dr Housley has co-written a paper with P. J. Venta which has been published in a peer reviewed journal, Animal Genetics.

View an abstract of the paper: The long and the short of it: evidence that FGF5 is a major determinant of canine 'hair'-itability

DNA tests are now available through the DDC and VetNostic to identify the genetic marker for long (fluff) coat.


Here are the results on the dogs that were tested here:

Bolt: Carrier

Shade: Clear (non-carrier)

Rah Rah: Clear

Quick: Carrier

Bastion: Carrier

Beautiful: Clear

Celeste: Clear

Cowboy: Clear



Also Tested:

Troy: Carrier


Download a PDF file of a three generation genetic pedigree from the Quick x Beautiful litter (updated 6/06) or E-mail for more information.



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