The Monks

Sam Bartlett, Claudio Buchwald, Abby Ladin and Frank Hall

The Monks are a raging, twin fiddle driven, Old Time band from Bloomington, Indiana. Following in the footsteps of the Skillet Lickers and the Stripling Brothers they're pros at getting the dance floor hopping. Fiddling together for over 25 yeras, Frank Hall and Claudio Buchwald have mastered a perfect blend of melodic sweetness and rhythmic grit. Sam Bartlett and Abby Ladin anchor The Monks on guitar and bass fiddle. In concert, The Monks perform sweet, sad southern songs, a capella ballads, rowdy dance tunes and waltzes and polkas from orquestas de cuerdas, Mexican-American string band music. Members of The Monks have won top honors at Mt. Airy and Clifftop Old Time music competitions, and all four are veteran dance camp instructors. As a band, they continue to play nationally to rave reviews, backing up this country's finest dance callers.

In 2001, The Monk's released Let Us Play, their first CD .

For more info you can email Sam and Abby